Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome often suffer infertility and are more likely to become diabetic.

Sperm counts

Sperm counts and testosterone levels serve as barometers of men’s health — low levels are associated with reduced lifespan.

Problems getting pregnant

1 in 6 couples experience problems getting pregnant.

Obesity in men

In men, obesity is associated with reduced testosterone as well as increased risk of heart disease and type II diabetes.


Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy such as preeclampsia are the leading cause of maternal illness and death.


Endometriosis affects ~10% of women of reproductive age and is associated with chronic pain and infertility.

Born prematurely

1 in 12 babies are born prematurely — rates have increased by 36% in last 30 years.

Professor Jeffrey Pollard

Professor Jeffrey Pollard
is the Director of The MRC Centre for Reproductive Health.
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MRC Centre for Reproductive Health Symposia
World Congress of Reproductive Biology 2014

Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd September, 2014
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Scientific Afternoon to honour
Professor Steve Hillier's Retirement

Monday 27th October 2014.
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Society for Gynaecologic Investigation meeting
Sofia Makieva was one of four trainee abstracts (out of a total of 1000 abstracts) chosen for the plenary session of the SGI meeting in Florence.
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Study from the Tommy’s Centre for Maternal and Fetal Health shows that children of obese mothers face risk of early death.
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