Dr Andrew Horne

Andrew HorneJob Title:
Senior Lecturer and Consultant Gynaecologist

Contact Details:
Telephone: 0131 242 22694/22525  Email: andrew.horne@ed.ac.uk

Please note I cannot respond to clinical enquiries via my university email.  For all clinical enquiries, please contact my secretary Fiona Elliott on 0131 242 2525 or by email at fiona.elliot@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk.

Research Interests

BASIC SCIENCE STUDIES: Understanding of Fallopian tube, endometrial and peritoneal biology

CLINICAL STUDIES: Biomarkers and novel medical treatments for ectopic pregnancy; diagnosis and management of endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain  www.crh.ed.ac.uk/pelvicpain

Front cover Figure 1 AWHorneCurrent research projects

  • Improving women’s health and pregnancy outcome: understanding the aetiology of ectopic pregnancy
  • Diagnostic biomarker development for ectopic pregnancy
  • GEM’ Combination gefitinib and methotrexate to treat ectopic pregnancies: Phase II clinical trial
  • Understanding the role of TGF-beta superfamily and its target genes in the aetiology of endometriosis
  • The prevalence of neuropathic pain in women with chronic pelvic pain
  • ‘GaPP’ Gabapentin for the management of chronic pelvic pain:  multi-centre pilot randomised controlled trial


HTA (£2,487,834) 2013-18 “PRE-EMPT: Preventing Recurrence of Endometriosis by Means of long acting Protestogen Therapy” S Bhattacharya (PI), K Cooper, J Gupta, J Daniels, J Clark, E Denny, E Saridogan, L Middleton, G Jones, AW Horne, C Becker

MRC Centenary Award (£99,314) 2012-13

Chief Scientist Office (£117,758) 2013-15 “Long term health of women diagnosed with endometriosis: a Scottish record linkage study” S Bhattacharya (PI), K Cooper, L Saraswat, S Bhattacharya, D Ayansina, AW Horne, D Miligkos

Wellbeing of Women (£144,337) 2012-14 “Towards new treatments for endometriosis: is the peritoneal transforming growth factor-β superfamily a therapeutic target?” AW Horne (PI), WC Duncan, JK Brown, HO Critchley, A McNeilly, PTK Saunders

Chief Scientist Office (£261,605) 2012-14 “A pilot randomised controlled trial of the efficacy of gabapentin for the management of chronic pelvic pain in women” AW Horne (PI), S Bhattacharya, HO Critchley, J Wilson, O Wu, S Jack, M Porter, S Lewis

MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship (£1,228,184) 2009-14 “Improving women’s health and pregnancy outcome: understanding the aetiology of ectopic pregnancy”

Key recent publications

Horne AW, Brown JK, Nio-Kobayashi J, Abidin HBZ, Adin ZEHA, Boswell L, Burgess S, Lee CF, Duncan WC. The association between smoking and ectopic pregnancy: why nicotine is BAD for your Fallopian tube. PLoS One 2014 [in press]

Dunselman GA, Vermeulen N, Becker C, Calhaz-Jorge C, D’Hooghe T, De Bie B, Heikinheimo O, Horne AW, Kiesel L, Nap A, Prentice A, Saridogan E, Soriano D, Nelen W. ESHRE guideline: management of women with endometriosis. Hum Reprod 2014 Jan 15 [Epub ahead of print]

Nilsson UW, Johns TG, Wilmann T, Kaitu’u-Lino T, Whitehead C, Dimitriadis E, Menkhorst E, Saglam B, Gao Y, Greenall SA, Horne AW, Tong S. Effects of Gefinitb, an Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitor, on Human Placental Cell Growth. Obstet Gynecol 2013 122(4):745-51

Reactions in the press:




Skubisz MM, Horne AW, Johns TG, Nilsson UW, Duncan WC, Wallace EM, Critchley HOD, Tong S. Combination Gefitinib and Methotrexate Compared with Methotrexate Alone to Treat Ectopic Pregnancy. Obstet Gynecol 2013 122(4):737-44

Horne AW, Skubisz MM, Doust A, Duncan WC, Wallace E, Critchley HO, Johns TG, Norman JE, Bhattacharya S, Mollison J, Rassmusen M, Tong S. Phase II single arm open label multicentre clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and side effects of a combination of gefitinib and methotrexate to treat tubal ectopic pregnancies (GEM II): study protocol. BMJ Open 2013 3(7) e002902

Brown JK, Lauer KB, Ironmonger EL, Inglis NF, Bourne TH, Critchley HO, Horne AW. Shotgun proteomics identifies serum fibronectin as a candidate diagnostic biomarker for inclusion in future multiplex tests for ectopic pregnancy. PLoS One 2013 8(6):e66974

Skubisz MM, Brown JK, Tong S, Kaitu’u-Lino T, Horne AW. Serum Macrophage Inhibitory Cytokine-1 as a Biomarker for Ectopic Pregnancy in Women with a Pregnancy of Unknown Location. PLoS One 2013 8:6 e66339

Young VJ, Brown JK, Saunders PT, Horne AW. The role of the peritoneum in the pathogenesis of endometriosis. Hum Reprod Update 2013 2013 19(5):558-69

Horne AW, Critchley HO, Doust A, Fehr D, Wilson J, Wu O, Jack S, Porter M, Lewis S, Bhattacharya S. GaPP: a pilot randomised controlled trial of the efficacy of action of gabapentin for the management of chronic pelvic pain in women: study protocol. BMJ Open 2012 2(3) pii: e001297

Staff/group members

  • Jeremy Brown (post-doctoral scientist)
  • Jean Wade (research technician)
  • Ann Doust (clinical trial coordinator)
  • Helen Dewart (clinical research nurse)
  • Vicky Young (PhD Student)
  • Sevasti Giakoumelou (PhD Student)

Principal collaborators

University of Edinburgh:

  • Hilary Critchley (CRH)
  • Colin Duncan (CRH)
  • Philippa Saunders (CRH)
  • Fiona Denison (CRH)
  • Sarah Howie (CIR)
  • Gary Entrican (Moredun Research Institute)


  • Siladitya Bhattacharya (Aberdeen University)
  • Olivia Wu (University of Glasgow)
  • Paddy Horner (University of Bristol)
  • Tom Bourne (Imperial College London)
  • Stephen Tong (University of Monash Melbourne)
  • SK Dey (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center USA)


  • Deputy Coordinator of ESHRE SIGEE
  • Member of RCOG Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Member of RCOG Scottish Committee
  • Member of ESHRE Endometriosis Guideline Group
  • Member of Wellbeing of Women Research Advisory Committee
  • Trustee and Medical Advisor to the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust
  • Medical Advisor to Pelvic Pain Support Network
  • Associate Editor for Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth and BioMed Research International
  • Member of RCOG Early Pregnancy Clinical Studies Group

Book chapters

Che Bakri NA, Busby-Earle C, Steel R, Horne AW. ‘Pelvic and Reproductive System Symptoms’ In ABC of Medically Unexplained Symptoms. Ed Burton. Wiley-Blackwell 2013 ISBN: 978-1-119-96725-5.

Svingalam V, Wilson J, Horne AW. ‘Novel pain relief agents in endometriosis’ In World Clinics Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Eds Bhattacharya, Arora. Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd (in press).

Horne AW, Critchley HOD. ‘Medical Therapies for Pain – Progestins’ In Endometriosis: Science and Practice. Eds Giudice, Evers, Healy. Wiley-Blackwell 2012 ISBN: 978-1-4443-3213-1.

Horne AW, Critchley HOD. ‘Menstrual Disorders’. In Dewhurst’s 8th Edition. Ed Edmonds. Wiley-Blackwell 2012 ISBN: 978-0-470-65457-6.

Horne AW, Ford CM. ‘The normal menstrual cycle’ and Horne AW, ‘Disorders of the menstrual cycle’. In Gynaecology by Ten Teachers, 19th Edition. Hodder Arnold Health Sciences 2011 ISBN: 978-0-340-983-546.

Munro KI, Horne AW, Critchley HOD. Amenorrhoea, oligomenorrhoea and hypogonadal-pituitary function. In Gynaecology, 4th Edition. Eds Shaw, Luesly, Monga. Churchill Livingston 2010 ISBN: 978-0-7020-3120-5.

Maybin J, Horne AW, Critchley HOD. ‘Menstrual Disorders’ and ‘Benign Gynaecological Disorders’. In Training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology; the essential curriculum, 1st Edition. Eds Sarris, Saxena, Bewley. Oxford University Press 2009 ISBN 978-0-19-921847-9.

Updated 19 April, 2014