Dr Sarah Stock

Sarah StockJob title:
Clinical Lecturer and Subspecialty Trainee in Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Contact details:
MRC Centre for Reproductive Health,
The Queen’s Medical Research Institute,
47 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 4TJ
Telephone: 0131 242 2694  Email: sarah.stock@ed.ac.uk    Room: W1.17

Research Interests

My research relates to the onset of labour and its management. There is still limited understanding regarding the mechanisms controlling the length of pregnancy in humans. Preterm labour and prolonged pregnancy are both common pregnancy problems, which are associated with increased death and disability in babies and mothers. Increasing our knowledge of how the process of birth starts may help us find better ways to manage these situations.

I have an interest in Cationic Host Defence Peptides (CHDPs), which include the defensins and human cathelicidin (LL-37). These are small proteins produced by inflammatory and epithelial cells, which have broad-spectrum antimicrobial and immunomodulatory activities. We believe they have a role in the inflammatory events that occur around parturition. We are studying their production and function in pregnancy to identify if they could be used as potential treatments to prevent preterm birth.

Current research projects

  • The Role of Cathelicidin in Preterm Labour
  • Production and Function of Cervical Cationic Host Defence Peptides
  • Hormonal profiles in multiple pregnancies
  • Establishing a resource for the study of genetic associations with preterm labour- a pilot study
  • Does promoting increased awareness of decreased fetal movements reduce stillbirth – a stepped wedge cluster randomised trial?


Chief Scientist Office, Scotland (£225,000) – Does promoting increased awareness of decreased fetal movements reduce stillbirth – a stepped wedge cluster randomised trial? (Co-Investigator)

Women and Infant’s Research Foundation, Western Australia ($14,605 AUD) – Production and Function of Amniotic Fluid Cationic Host Defence Peptides (Principal Investigator)

Jennifer Brown Research Fund (£17,504) – The Effects of Vitamin D on Antimicrobial Protein Production in Pregnancy (Principal Investigator)

Albert McKern Bequest (£29,850) – Hormonal Profiles in twin pregnancy (Principal Investigator)


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Horne AW, Stock SJ, King AE. Innate immunity and disorders of the female reproductive tract. Reproduction. 2008 Jun;135(6):739-49

Principal collaborators

  • Donald Davidson
(MRC Centre for Inflammation Research)
  • Jim Chalmers (NHS ISD Scotland)
  • Matt Kemp (School of Women and Infants Health, University of Western Australia)
  • John Newnham (School of Women and Infants Health, University of Western Australia)
  • Kristjana Einarsdottir (Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Centre for Child Health Research, University of Western Australia)
  • Roger Smith (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Updated 19 April, 2014