Welcome to the home of the EXPPECT Endometriosis Service

The EXPPECT Endometriosis Service consists of a multidisciplinary team that aims to provide state-of-the-art, high quality, evidence based and patient-centred treatment for the management of all grades of endometriosis.

The British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) has recently set up accredited centres for the laparoscopic treatment of advanced endometriosis to enable high standards of care to be delivered to women with endometriosis. Edinburgh achieved BSGE accreditation in January 2015.

This website has been designed by Endometriosis clinic staff at NHS Lothian and the University of Edinburgh to provide you with up to date factual information about endometriosis and possible treatments.

Miss Great Britain Zara Holland ‘spent whole days in bed’ due to painful womb condition endometriosis

The beauty queen and model said the pain caused by the condition was ‘1000 on a scale of one to 10’ but surgery eventually allowed her to live her normal life again.  Click here to read in full.

Front page news: “Endometriosis: the hidden suffering of millions of women revealed”

Often dismissed as ‘women’s troubles’, endometriosis affects one woman in 10 of reproductive age, yet a lack of research and funding means sufferers can live in severe pain, unable to work or socialise.  Click here to read in full.


Do you have heavy menstrual bleeding?

We are currently running the DexFEM research trial, studying a new treatment for heavy periods (using an existing drug with a well-known safety record).

If you have heavy menstrual bleeding that is a problem for your life, are 18 years of age or older, and think you might be interested in taking part in this study, please click here for more information.



What is Endometriosis?   Article featured on My Baba, written by Professor Andrew Horne.  Professor Horne explains endometriosis, what the condition means for women’s health, and its management.



We would like to acknowledge and thank Andrea, a local lady with endometriosis, whose fundraising has made this website a reality.

Andrea had persisted with medical management for 2 years before discussing the option of a hysterectomy with her medical team.  This has been the right decision for her and she notices a huge difference in her pain levels.

“I was so grateful for the superb care and attention that I wanted to ‘ give something back’. With the help of my friends I organised a champagne afternoon tea in aid of EXPPECT Edinburgh and Endometriosis UK.

The afternoon was a great success, with a super raffle, online auction and lots of cakes! We raised over £500 and perhaps more importantly raised lots of awareness between women who knew very little of this debilitating disease.”

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