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Fiona DenisonCongratulations to Dr Fiona Denison on the award of two grants

Dr Fiona Denison has been awarded a grant of £1,712,124 from the Health Technology Assessment Panel for a multi-centre clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of Glycerin trinitrate to treat retained placenta (Got-it trial).
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Dr Fiona Denison has been awarded a grant from the Edinburgh and Lothian Health Foundation for £30,055 to explore the feasibility of supported telemetric monitoring of glycaemic control in pregnant women with diabetes.
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Rod MitchellCRH scientists and European collaborators obtain 2.95m EUROS of EU funding for PhD studentships in Fertility Preservation

A European collaboration including CRH scientists led by Dr Rod Mitchell have been successful in obtaining funding for 10 PhD studentships to be shared between Centres in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and Sweden.

The funding provides a total of 2.95m EUROS to support this FP7 Initial Training Network entitled ‘GROWSPERM’. This funding will provide training in research related to Fertility Preservation in pre-pubertal patients at risk of infertility (e.g. childhood cancer patients) and will strengthen existing European collaboration in this area. The project will commence in May 2014.

Rod Mitchell has been awarded a grant of £249,854 to run 2015-2018, entitled ‘Fertility preservation in prepubertal boys treated for cancer during childhood’. The project is in collaboration with the Centre for Integrative Physiology with Norah Spears as Co-Investigator.



Congratulations to Dr James Boardman on his promotion to Readership effective from 1st August 2015.

Erin Greaves has been awarded a Practical Skills Grant from the Society of Endocrinology to undertake a collaborative project at the Research Centre for Reproductive Health, Robinson Institute, University of Adelaide, Australia, Erin completed a sabbatical for two months at the beginning of 2015. Congratulations to Erin, a member of Professor Philippa Saunders team.



The Centre for Drug Research and Development together with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada have accepted Veronique Miron’s lab’s project proposal to carry out pre-clinical studies to identify and develop activin receptor agonists as therapeutics for progressive multiple sclerosis treatment.

Binzhi QianDr. Bin-Zhi Qian has been awarded with a prestigious Cancer Research UK Career Development award for 6 years of 1.54 million pounds to establish his independent research group with a joint appointment at Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre & MRC University of Edinburgh Centre for Reproductive Health at University of Edinburgh. His long-term research goal is to understand the mechanism of cancer metastasis and develop effective therapeutic approaches by focusing on the interactions among metastatic tumour cells and associated host cell types. Congratulations to Bin-Zhi, a member of Professor Jeffrey Pollard’s team.


Bronze Athena SWAN award

The CRH, as part of the QMRI, has received a Bronze Athena SWAN award in recognition for its commitment to women’s career development.

The Athena SWAN Charter recognises and celebrates good employment practice for women working in science, engineering and technology in higher education and research.

The Institute was granted the award in recognition of the additional efforts made, over and above standard University wide policies, to promote gender equality and address particular challenges for women within science.

The Institute received positive feedback on its commitment to training and development, strong appraisal and induction programme and local postdoctoral mentoring scheme.



The QMRI received  a silver in the 2014 sustainability awards and the CRH a bronze in the sustainable laboratories category recognised departments for their work in creating safe, sustainable and secure laboratories.

“You’re all acting as inspiration for others to join us.” said Senior Vice Principal
Professor Mary Bownes to the award winners.

Dave Gorman, Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, paid special attention to laboratories as he discussed the University’s aspiration to “create a world-leading socially responsible university.”
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Updated 7 April, 2015