Research Clinics

As part of the Centre for Reproductive Health’s commitment to research, a series of research clinics is on offer to the local scientific and clinical community.

Senior academics, postdoctoral scholars and current students present their work to the Little France community on Friday’s, between 2-3pm in the Wellcome Auditorium of the Queens Medical Research Institute.

The Autumn 2015 series of Research Clinic presentations will be conducted by Senior academics.  

4 September 2015
Dr Rod Mitchell
“A testicular (and adrenal) potpourri”

11 September 2015
Professor Richard Sharpe
“Environmental endocrine-disrupting chemicals: a threat to human health or just a waste of concern and research money”

18 September 2015
Professor Lee Smith
“Exploiting androgens to improve male health”

25 September 2015
Dr James Boardman
“Causes and consequences of preterm brain injury”

2 October 2015
Dr Veronica Miron
“Harnessing the regenerative properties of inflammation for brain repair”

9 October 2015
Dr Chih-Jen (Lance) Lin
“Histone variant H3.3 and female infertility”

16 October 2015
Professor Jeffrey Pollard
“The monocyte-Macrophage lineage is a central immune regulator of the tumour microenvironment”

23 October 2015
Professor Hilary Critchley
“Uterine Bleeding: do mechanistic insights translate to new treatments?”

30 October 2015
Dr Fiona Denison
“Translational obstetric research”

6 November 2015
No talk

13 November 2015
Professor Andrew Horne
“New targets for old drugs”

20 November 2015
Professor Nicola Gray
“Germ cells to healthy babies and beyond” – cancelled

27 November 2015
Dr Colin Duncan

4 December 2015
Dr Takanori Kitamura


Talks are open to all.