Professor Jane Norman

Job title

Professor of Maternal and Fetal Health
Director of the Edinburgh Tommy’s Centre
Vice Principal, Equality and Diversity

Contact details:

UoE/ MRC Centre for Reproductive Health,
The Queen’s Medical Research Institute,
47 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 4TJ
Telephone: 0131 242 6623

PA: Karen Witherspoon
Telephone: 0131 242 2694


MB ChB 1986, MRCOG 1992, MD 1992, CCT (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) 1995, FRCOG 2004, FSB 2009, F Med Sci 2012, FRCPE 2012.

Research Interests

My research work focusses on the pregnancy “stressors” of maternal depression/stress, inflammation and hypoxia. These pregnancy stressors are largely responsible for the clinical conditions of gestational diabetes, preterm birth and stillbirth, all of which have devastating effects on pregnant women and their babies. My group aims to understand how these pregnancy stressors cause these clinical conditions and to develop preventive and therapeutic strategies. In all our research endeavours, we use a broad array of research strategies, from basic science, through animal models, to clinical trials and beyond to population based research to address these clinical problems.

Current research projects

  • OPPTIMUM: a multicentre double blind placebo controlled trial to address the question: Does progesterone prophylaxis to prevent preterm labour improve outcome? (Funded by the Medical Research Council).
  • EMPOWaR: Efficacy of Metformin in Pregnant Obese Women, a Randomised Controlled Trial. (Funded by MRC and managed by EME / NIHR)
  • Understanding and treating the link between obesity, insulin resistance, inflammation and adverse pregnancy outcome (funded by Tommy’s)
  • AFFIRM: Does promoting increased awareness of decreased fetal movements reduce stillbirth, a stepped wedge cluster randomised trial? (Funded by the Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Executive HSRC, Tommy’s and Sands).
  • Investigating the role of iNKT cells as drivers for preterm labour. (Funded by the Medical Research Council)

Jane Norman Page Logos

The Edinburgh Tommy’s Centre

Professor Jane Norman is Director of the Edinburgh Tommy’s Centre which is funded by the charity Tommy’s. Opened in May 2008 it is located within the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health. The Tommy’s Centre aims to conduct world class research that will have a direct impact on the health of pregnant women and their babies and to translate our research into improved health outcomes both locally and worldwide.

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Current Grants

2009 – 2015
Norman JE, Denison F, Drake M, Forbes S, Reynolds R, Walker B, Newby D, Murray G, Wray S, Quenby S. Does Metformin reduce excess birthweight in offspring of obese pregnant women. A randomised controlled trial of efficacy, exploration if mechanisms and evaluation of other pregnancy complications? NIHR. Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme. £996,000

2008 – 2015
Norman JE
et al.  Does progesterone prophylaxis to prevent preterm labour improve outcome- a randomised double blind placebo controlled trial? (OPPTIMUM). £2,700,000

2008 – 2015
Norman JE, Calder AA, Denison F, Reynolds R, Forbes S.  Core funding for Edinburgh Tommy’s Centre for Maternal and Fetal Health. Tommy’s the baby charity. £2,640,000

2011 – 2014
Denison FC, Norman JE, Semple SK, van Beek E, Walker J. Can 1H MRS and MRI at 3 tesla detect intrauterine hypoxia in pregnancies with uteroplacental insufficiency? Action Medical Research £97,450

2011 – 2016
Saunders P, Anderson R, Critchley H, Norman JE, Iredale J, Forbes S, Seckl J. Core support for the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health.  £1,100,000

2012  -2017
Gray N, Norman JE, Girardi G, Granneman S.
Poly(A)-binding proteins highlight the importance of regulated mRNA translation and stability in determining a functional materno-fetal interface. MRC Programme Grant. £1,494,491

2013 – 2014
Kersaudy-Kerhoas M, Norman JE, Desmulliez M, Bridle H, Kavanagh D. fetaSAFE – Microfluidic concentration of circulating foetal nucleic acids from maternal blood. MRC Confidence in Concept Scheme. £51,585.

2013 – 2016
Norman JE, Calderwood C, Cunningham Burley S, Scott J, Weir C, Chalmers J, Murdoch E, Stock SJ, Ross-Davie M, McAuliffe F, Geary M, Hunter AJ, Heazell A, Froen F.  Does promoting increased awareness of decreased fetal movements reduce stillbirth, a stepped wedge cluster randomised trial?  Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Executive, (HSRC), Tommy’s and Sands. £330,000.

2013 – 2016
Norman JE, Saunders P, Rossi A, Freeman T. iNKT cells as drivers for preterm labour. MRC Project Grant. £125,788.

Publications 2009 onwards

Rinaldi SF, Catalano RD, Wade J, Rossi AG, Norman JE. Decidual neutrophil infiltration is not required for preterm birth in a mouse model of infection-induced preterm labour. J Immunol 2014 (in press)

Sharp GC, Saunders PTK, Greene SA, Morris AD, Norman JE. Intergenerational transmission of postpartum haemorrhage risk – analysis of  two Scottish birth cohorts Am J Obstet Gynecol 2014 (in press)

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Hutchinson JL, Rajagopal SP, Yuan M, Norman JE. Lipopolysaccharide promotes contraction of uterine myocytes via activation of Rho/ROCK signaling pathways. FASEB J. 2013 (in press).

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Staff/group members

  • Marian Aldhous
  • Sara Rinaldi
  • Yvonne Grieg
  • Hayley Moir
  • Graham Harold, Lab Manager
  • Sarah Stock
  • Sonia Whyte
  • Lorraine Adamson
  • Karen Witherspoon (PA)

PhD /MD Students

  • Jess Pennycard
  • Sofia Makieva
  • Caroline Chiswick

Principal collaborators


Obstetric and midwifery including: Prof P Bennett (Imperial), A Shennan (KCl), S Robson (Newcastle), S Thornton (Penninsula), S Quenby (Warwick), Tina Lavender (Manchester), A Weeks (Liverpool), H Lashen (Sheffield), Dr Cath Calderwood (NHS England and Scottish Government), Mary Ross-Davie (NHS Education Scotland), Prof Fionnuala McAuliffe (Dublin), Dr Mike Geary (Dublin), Dr Alison Hunter (Belfast), Dr Alex Heazell (Manchester), Prof Frederick Froen (Norway) and many other collaborators on OPPTIMUMEMPOWaR and AFFIRM.

Neonatal: Prof N Marlow (UCL)

Statistics / trials: Prof J Norrie (Aberdeen), Dr Ed Juszczak (NPEU, Oxford)

Health economics: Prof Stavros Petrou, (Warwick)

Epidemiology: Prof Jim Chalmers and Dr Rachael Wood (NHS information Scotland)

Physiology: Prof Susan Wray, (Liverpool)

PPI: Janet Scott (Sands)


Philippa Saunders, Fiona Denison, Sarah Stock, Edile Murdoch, Nik Morton, Brian Walker, Gordon Murray, Adriano Rossi, Jonathan Seckl, Rebecca Reynolds, Mandy Drake, Shareen Forbes,  Neil Roberts, Scott Semple, Mark Bastin, Niki Gray, Chris Weir, Ben Stenson, Mark Strachan, Sarah Cunningham-Burley.

Current Responsibilities

Director of the Tommy’s Centre for Maternal and Fetal Health
CRH lead for “Theme 3” of the Centre for Reproductive Health: Theme 3 “Developmental programming by steroid hormones and reproductive resilience”
Vice Principal Equality and Diversity

National and international
1. Journal editorships
Molecular Human Reproduction, Associate Editor (2012 onwards)
Faculty Member F1000 (2011 onwards)

2. Grant awarding committees
CSO Health Services Research 2012 onwards
GAPPs Preventing Preterm Birth Initiative, 2012 onwards
Finland National Academy of Sciences 2012 onwards (Chair 2014)

3. Membership of research consortia
Deputy Lead, Reproductive Health and Childbirth Specialty Research Group (Scotland), 2012 onwards
NIHR/ RCOG Preterm Birth Clinical Studies group, 2010 onwards, member since 2008
Global Obstetric Network {GONET) 2010 onwards, Vice Chair since 2013

4. Work for specialist societies
Executive committee, British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society, 2010 onwards
Member of Council, Society for Gynecologic Investigation, 2011 onwards

5. Trial management committees
Member of Data Monitoring Committee, INFANT study [Intelligent Fetal Monitoring and Assessment] HTA funded 2009 onwards
Chair of Trial Steering Committee, MRC funded I2S2 study, 2008 onwards
Chair of Trial Steering Committee, EME funded Tablet study, 2011 onwards

6. Other
Member of the NETSCC, Health Technology Assessment programme – Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Panel, 2013 onwards
Member, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit Clinical Trials Advisory Group, 2012 onwards
Chair, NICE Guideline Development Group, Preterm labour and birth, 2012 onwards
Member, Stillbirth Subgroup, Child and Maternal Health Division of the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates, 2011 onwards
Chair, Technical Advisory Group for Reproductive and Sexual health section of the International Classification of Disease, World Health Organisation), 2010 onwards

Public engagement in science (lecture)

University of Edinburgh Medical detectives series: The mysteries of birth, far from elementary my dear Watson.

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